covid-19: update for members

Covid-19: update from the Committee of York Georgian Society

(The following statement was emailed to York Georgian Society members and posted here on the YGS website on 16 May 2020.)

First and foremost, the York Georgian Society Committee wishes all members of the Society well. We hope you remain healthy and are coping successfully with the difficulties and frustrations of these difficult times.

The Committee of the York Georgian Society held a meeting via Zoom on Wednesday 6th May 2020. Our main point of concern and topic of discussion was how the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, and its associated social restrictions, might affect the Society's Winter Lecture Programme for the coming season October 2020 – March 2021.

Our programme is always organised well in advance, and for the coming season our usual six lectures were already arranged. The questions we therefore needed to discuss were:

1. Would any of our speakers wish to, or be able to, travel and give their lecture?

2. Would any of our members wish to, or be able to, travel and attend the lectures?

3. Even if the answer to these questions were 'yes' in all cases, would we need to 'socially-distance' at the venue?

4. What would be the latest date by which the Committee would have to decide its course of action and inform the Membership and speakers of its decision?

Question 4 was the easiest to answer: it was agreed that we would decide our course of action in mid-July, giving us another two months to see how the national situation develops. This statement, which has also been circulated to Members by e-mail, is therefore only an interim communication to keep you informed. The final decision will be disseminated to the entire Membership by letter in mid-July.

The answer to question 3 would be down to Government policy but we needed to be aware of potential problems with the lecture venue.

Our options for Questions 1 and 2 therefore appeared to be:

To cancel/postpone the lectures in October-November-December 2020 and just go ahead with those in January-February-March 2021, in the anticipation that the situation will have resolved itself by then.

To cancel the forthcoming 2020/2021 Lecture Programme entirely, postponing it (if speakers are willing and available) to the following season (Winter 2021/2022), in which case the Committee would need to address the problem of whether to charge Members a subscription or not.

The York Georgian Society website will continue to be operational and will be an important source of information for members. Please visit this site regularly for updates if you do not already do so. We recommend that Members on Twitter follow the YGS Twitter account @yorkgeorgiansoc which will also be used to publish updates and information about YGS activities.

Please feel free to contact the Society with any questions, concerns or queries, using the contact form on this site.