About YGS

Who we are

York Georgian Society was founded in 1939 to promote the preservation and care, and to foster the study and appreciation, of Georgian buildings in and around the City of York. It is one of the oldest societies in the world devoted to the Georgian era, and the second oldest such society in Great Britain outside London.

The Society’s remit extends beyond architecture and the crafts associated with building to include the arts, culture and society of the period from 1660, the year of George I’s birth, to 1837, the year of William IV’s death.

York Georgian Society is a Registered Charity (no. 233175).

What we do

The aims of York Georgian Society are:  to encourage the conservation, restoration and maintenance of Georgian buildings and architecture; to prevent disfigurement to settings and other features of Georgian character; to promote interest and education in, and knowledge and learning of all aspects of Georgian architecture, arts, culture and society, all with special but not exclusive reference to the City of York and its neighbourhood. 

Join us

Membership of York Georgian Society is open to everyone interested in supporting the preservation and understanding of the Georgian heritage of York. For more information go to our membership page.